I will not be blogging about AIDS today: World AIDS Day Round-Up

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Today is World AIDS Day, which means that every blog out there that deals with international health, development, and/or humanitarian work has commented on it in some form or fashion. (I have seen great material on Humanosphere in particular.) Since most of these people are well-established professionals that know way more than I do, I will let them all speak for me and just try to collect the highlights of all that I have read today.

The Global Health Delivery Project put together a great round-up of media stories and major research reports.

End the Neglect posted a reading list as well as a great “status report” by blogger Alanna Shaikh.

The Center for Global Development has posted several blog entries on HIV/AIDS leading up to today, including a response to President George W. Bush’s piece on Pepfar in the Washington Post.

And finally, my personal favorite: Sarah Boseley of the Guardian wrote a piece on the importance of keeping AIDS on the agenda all year long.

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