Members Corner

Welcome to the IH Members Corner, where new and existing members can get more information on how to make the most of their membership. If you aren’t already a member, learn more about membership here.


Member Roadmap

The Member Roadmap is a 12 month action plan with helpful tips and suggestions for making the most of your membership with APHA and the IH section.

APHA International Health Section Roadmap


Staying Connected via APHA Connect

APHA Connect is APHA’s official platform for Section members to exchange ideas and information. Members sign in with their assigned APHA membership ID number and password to access the IH Section community. Members can submit message to the listserv, upload documents to the library, post to the Bulletin Board, or contribute to the wiki. Listserv emails provide information that are of interest to a wide range of section members. Any messages submitted to the listserv must be approved by a moderator.  To ensure you are receiving listserv emails:

1. Make sure that you are receiving listserv emails. First, log-in to APHA Connect and in the top right hand corner of the webpage click on “Email Settings.” Change the settings for the “IH Section” group to either “Individual” (to get listserv emails as they are sent) or to “Digest” (to get listserv emails aggregated in a digest and sent at the end of each day) if you wish to have messages sent directly to your email. If you choose “Web only” you will not receive any new messages in your email. You will need to log-in to APHA Connect to view any new messages sent over the listserv.

2. Ensure that listserv emails are being sent to the right email address. Make sure that you are logged into APHA Connect. In the top right hand corner of the webpage click on “Email Settings” and find the “edit membership and settings” link directly under the “IH Section” text. Check to make sure that the email address listed is correct. If you need to change it, then you can change your email under “Edit Profile” in the top right hand corner of the webpage.

3. In your email inbox, check your Spam folders. Make sure that messages from are not caught in your spam filter.

For more information on how to use APHA Connect, click here.