IH Communications Committee

About Us

The International Health Section Communications Committee’s primary purpose is to effectively harness technologies and communication platforms to advance the Section’s vision and mission.

The Communications Committee accomplishes this purpose via two goals:

  1. Provide transparency, in order to maintain and enhance Section member trust and involvement, by keeping members up to date on Section governance and activities.
  2. Serve as the public face of the Section by showcasing its members’ perspectives and expertise.

Communications Platforms

IH Connect

URL: https://aphaih.org/

Purpose: IH Connect is the Section’s website. It contains information about the Section’s vision and mission, leadership, and major activities, and it links to information and documents about the Section’s history and operations. It also serves as a platform for Section membership to share opinion pieces, relevant news to the Section and the field of global health, and other items of interest. It links to the Section Twitter feed, the Facebook page, the YouTube channel, APHA Connect, and the Section’s webpage on the APHA website.

Policy: In general, information shared through IH Connect includes, but is not limited to: 1) Original commentary and informative pieces on global health topics from IH regular contributors and guest bloggers 2) Relevant APHA and IH section news 3) External calls for internship and fellowship applications 4) Events, training opportunities, articles, and webinars which are of interest to a majority of members 5) “Notes from the Field” from IH section members

We cannot provide endorsement to any one product, organization providing services, or political candidate/party. All submissions are subject to the review and approval of the Communications Committee chair(s).

Note that the views and opinions expressed in blog posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the American Public Health Association.

APHA International Health Section Facebook Page

URL: http://www.facebook.com/APHA.IH.Section  

Purpose: The Facebook page is used to post news articles, videos, links to new IH Blog posts, and other notices relevant to the Section. 

APHA International Health Section Twitter Feed

URL: http://www.twitter.com/ih_section

Purpose: The Twitter feed is used to post news articles, videos, links to new IH Blog entries, and other notices relevant to the Section. 

APHA International Health Section YouTube Channel

URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXYN_DG6qcZD8FqqIltu-Og

Purpose: The Section’s YouTube channel contains short animated videos on individual Section committees, including their activities and advantages to getting involved. The YouTube channel should host videos with Section committee information and any audiovisual media created by Section committees or working groups.

APHA Connect

URL: http://connect.apha.org

Purpose: APHA Connect is APHA’s official platform for Section members to exchange ideas and information. Members sign in with their assigned APHA membership ID number and password to access the IH Section community. Members can submit message to the listserv, upload documents to the library, post to the Bulletin Board, or contribute to the wiki. Any messages submitted to the listserv must be approved by a moderator.  

Policy: The e-mail listserv available through APHA Connect is a powerful tool to send information to all Section members, but only messages with highly relevant Section business should be approved so that members do not experience fatigue. Use of the email listserv is primarily targeted, but is not limited to, the sharing of: relevant Section business such as calls for abstracts, reviewers, award nominee submissions, fundraising information, or Section elections; internship and fellowship opportunities for students; conferences and webinars that may be of interest to a wide range of section members; and calls for abstracts on relevant global health topics. Any calls for legislative action should be directed to the section’s Advocacy and Policy committee. All potential submissions will be reviewed by a listserv moderator.  

Because access to APHA Connect is restricted to Section members, it is an ideal repository for Section documentation, such as the Section manual, Committee and Working Group reports, and the Section budget.

Section Website

URL: http://www.apha.org/apha-communities/member-sections/international-health

Purpose: The IH Section website is hosted and administered by APHA.  APHA launched new Section web pages in 2015, along with their branding overhaul. The website should contain the absolute basics on Section organization and activities. It should present the Section’s vision and mission, an explanation of the Section’s operational procedures and primary activities, an up-to-date list of Section committees and working groups, and contact information for those who want to learn more. 

About Our Team 

The Communications Committee and the blog’s regular contributors are dedicated IH section member volunteers. Learn more about our communications team here.

Volunteer with us!

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Communications Committee as a guest blogger, a regular blog contributor, or a special projects volunteer, please contact us at ihsection.communications@gmail.com.

Do you have a story, news item, event, or career opportunity you’d like us to share through our communications channels? Do you want to share feedback with us?

We welcome your comments and suggestions! Email us at ihsection.communications@gmail.com with detailed information. Our team carefully reviews all items that go onto our communications channels to ensure it meets our standards and policies. Please refer to our policies above for more information.