Climate Change and Health

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logoWelcome to the American Public Health Association International Health Section Climate Change Working Group!

Our mission is to increase the APHA International Health section’s awareness and action on climate and health to protect vulnerable populations in developing countries.

Our focus is on the disproportionate toll of climate change on the health and well-being of populations in developing countries: opportunities to address it.

Our plan is to:

  • Re-survey IH members’ awareness, interest and actions on climate change and health (CC&H)
  • Provide webinars, links, blogs, etc. focused on developing countries – collaborating with IH Communications Committee to disseminate content
  • Represent CC&H international focus to leaders and members of the Environmental section, Topic Committee, U.S. Climate Alliance & across APHA
  • Share data, tools and lessons learned from international sources across APHA
  • Promote recognition of global south expertise in policy, advocacy, adaptation
    and mitigation
  • Co-sponsor, co-organize, endorse CC&H across APHA

Why Should You Join?

Join the IH Section Climate Change and Health working group to help increase awareness in the IH section and across APHA of the disproportionate impact of climate change on developing countries, as a public health and equity issue to address the “biggest public health challenge of this century.” Join to build your network of contacts and relationships addressing this major public health and equity issue and to develop new research, communications, program development and behavior change skills.