Hello APHA International Health Section Members and Friends!

It is a New Year and a new beginning for communicating among members of the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association. What is new?

 I would like to invite you to write for the IH Blog. If you have any suggestions concerning topics that you would like to discuss, feel free to comment.

 What can you blog about here? Anything – global health related that is:

  • An interesting broadcast about a new health initiative you heard or watched on, for example, NPR or BBC.
  • An exiting story about malaria control from a country in Africa.
  • The latest on multiple drug resistance of treating tuberculosis from a meeting you attended.
  • Breaking scientific news on addressing malnutrition from an article in The Lancet.
  • Share your experience from the front lines in improving, for example, maternal, neonatal or child health.
  • Evaluation results that highlight the magnitude of an international health issue or the performance of programs addressing it.
  • Hot issues in 2008 that you would like to discuss with Section members such as global health workforce shortages or the rising importance of non-communicable diseases in developing countries.

These are just some ideas. Use your imagination to come up with others.

 We look forward to hear from you,

 Chair, Information and Communications Committee
 APHA International Health Section


One thought on “Hello APHA International Health Section Members and Friends!

  1. Hi International Health Leaders
    We are happy and lucky to have these channels of communications to strengthen our links and to share news, ideas and information.
    – Our bimonthly teleconference meeting is getting close. Please get ready with the committees work plans and agenda items.
    – Our call for abstracts for the 2008 annual meeting was finalized and is posted on our web site. Please get ready for submissions since the deadline is February 16
    – shortly, we will call for elections to fill the position ofsecrteary-elect, and will call upon you to nominate candidates for awards,


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