Global Pulse 2010: A chance for the international community to discuss issues online

Global Pulse 2010: March 29-31, 2010Global Pulse 2010 is a three-day online event sponsored by USAID, in partnership with the Departments of State, Education, Commerce, and Health and Human Services.  Up to 20,000 participants will be able to register and participate online from March 29-31.   Discussion will focus on ten designated topics:

Inspiring a New Generation
Empowering Women and Girls
Enabling the Essential Education
Building Stronger Partnerships
Exercising Political and Civil Rights
Promoting Global Health
Advancing Entrepreneurship, Trade & Economic Opportunity
Fostering Science, Technology & Innovation
Supporting a Sustainable Planet
Pursuing Grand Challenges

In addition to USAID and other government officials and diplomats, several featured guests will be participating, including Zainab Salbi (co-founder and CEO of Women for Women International), Nancy Lublin (CEO of, Daniel Hoornweg (World Bank), and Youssou N’Dour (African pop musician and Malaria No More board member). 

Registration is free, and participants can join in from any computer with internet access.  You can register without any special organizational affiliation, but space is limited.

Global Pulse 2010 on Twitter:

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