Summer Internship Position with VillageReach (Seattle, WA)

The following is a posting for a summer internship position with VillageReach.  The original posting can be found here (pdf).

Background: VillageReach is a 501(c)3 nonprofit social enterprise working to save lives and improve wellbeing in developing countries by increasing last‐mile access to healthcare and investing in social businesses that address gaps in community infrastructure. For more information visit:

Internship Description: The HSG Internship is an opportunity for an experienced graduate‐level student interested in both research and implementation to contribute his/her knowledge to the design and evaluation of health system interventions at VillageReach. The intern will work closely with VillageReach program staff on a variety of activities to support the work of the Health Systems Group. The initial focus of the intern will be on supporting the expansion of our work in Malawi and documenting our work through case studies and other knowledge dissemination reports, although other projects and duties will be assigned.

Expansion of our Work in Malawi: VillageReach has been working at the district and community level in Malawi since 2008. Our focus has been on a deep community health intervention aimed at decreasing key illness for children under five. Now that we have developed strong relationships and infrastructure at the community level, we are  researching new ways to expand our work in Malawi in high‐impact, sustainable ways. The intern will be responsible for conducting secondary research on potential additional interventions that VillageReach could take on as part of their work in Malawi. This will include learning about VillageReach’ interventions to date through report review and discussions with key staff, but also looking at other successful high‐impact community interventions from other projects or other country settings.

Drafting of Case Studies on VillageReach work: The intern will also be asked to assist with documentation of current VillageReach projects through case studies, blog posts, academic articles, website content, etc. This may include documentation of our long‐term work in Malawi and Mozambique, as well as some of our short‐term engagements in other countries.

This position requires strong writing and sophisticated research skills, technical knowledge of global health program design, and experience working in a low‐income country context. Experience working with and/or researching health supply chains is a plus. The successful candidate will be a person motivated by mission, a highly dynamic and flexible environment and the understanding that his or her contribution can and will impact the success of VillageReach.


  • Graduate‐level student studying global public health
  • Skilled writer and researcher
  • Outstanding ability to synthesize, organize, and present research
  • Skilled at accessing secondary sources
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience working in a low‐income country

Commitment: This is a full‐time 8‐10 week summer internship based in the VillageReach Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. The internship is designed for the summer months of June‐August, but there is flexibility for the exact starting and ending dates.

Stipend: The internship has a $3,500 stipend to support living expenses.

Deadline for Application: May 13, 2010.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to with the subject line “HSG Summer Intern.”

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