Career and Education Resource: Careers in Global Development

Global Washington, a membership association that supports the field of global development in Washington state, has launched its Careers in Global Development Center for degree seekers, job candidates, and employers.  Below is a screen grab of its front page.

  As you can see, job seekers can search for open positions, and prospective development students can sift through various degree programs related to development.  On the other side, employers can post vacancies and search for consultants.

While this is great, job search website are a dime a dozen. What makes this resource stand out, in my opinion, is the “Resources” page.  There, you can read career profiles, see a graph on salary ranges for different positions in the field, and find articles and literature about the field. 

It looks like this website is still in a fledgling state.  However, if Global Washington continues to expand it and add material, it could become a valuable resource for students and new professionals who are often lost in the maze of the field of development.

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