Announcement: World Pneumonia Day 2011 Grants

Below is an announcement calling for submissions for a grant from the 2011 Small Grants for World Pneumonia Day Advocacy program:

World Pneumonia Day 2011 is coming on November 12th and applications are being accepted for the 2011 Small Grants for World Pneumonia Day Advocacy program. Starting August 5, 2011, ideas are being sought for World Pneumonia Day events that tackle pneumonia where it has the biggest impact. Winning submissions will be eligible for grants of up to US$10,000 of funding. We are looking for well-thought out, innovative and impactful ideas that will put a spotlight on pneumonia as a problem that can be solved. Ideas will be evaluated on not only how well they promote change but also how well they incorporate this year’s World Pneumonia Day theme: “I am the face of pneumonia.” This theme strives to connect the personal, human stories that illustrate pneumonia’s direct impact. Find out more about the 2011 Small Grants Program and submit your application before the August 18th deadline!  Additional questions can be sent to
Full article and application at:

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