ASPH Calls for Comments on its Draft Global Health Competencies

ASPH has recently released a draft of its Global Health Competency Model, a set of competencies recommended for graduates of master’s level programs in global health.  They are based on the organization’s MPH core competencies and are divided in to seven “domains,” or categories.  According to the draft,

…formal educational programs for global health professionals are highly fragmented in terms of the institutions offering such programs and quite varied in terms of the outcomes and qualifications expected of graduates. As the number of institutions offering formal training in global health grows, ASPH has taken leadership in developing a competency model based on the necessary roles and functions of the global public health system of the future. This approach recognizes that global health and public health represent a unified front with a long tradition of bringing scientifically-validated programs, policies, and services to bear upon the world’s most pressing health needs. A Lancet article in February 2010, in which ASPH global health leaders sought to emphasize the common framework of global health, international health, and public health, stated that “[g]lobal health and public health are indistinguishable,” further defining the scope of this initiative.

The document (pdf) can be viewed here.  Below is a screen grab of the competencies.

ASPH is calling for comments on the draft by Friday, September 23.  Comments may be sent to

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