Calling all Bloggers: Medscape Seeking Public Health and Prevention Blogger

Attention all you current or prospective public health bloggers: Medscape (from WebMD) is currently seeking a blogger to write for their Public Health and Prevention website ( They are seeking candidates who write well to blog about any public health-oriented topic of interest – domestic and international. Due to budget constraints, no honorarium is available, but the time commitment is minimal: only one or two posts per month.

I worked under this contract last year ( and enjoyed it very much. Dr. Padmini Murthy blogs for them as well ( Janet Kim, senior editor and the person in charge of hiring the blog, occasionally suggests or requests posts that correspond to current events or trending topics, but for the most part the blogger has the freedom to write about topics of his or her choosing. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to expand their  social media presence in the online public health community!

Interested candidates can contact Janet Kim at

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