The Seventh Annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture: Africa—A Second Independence (CGDev Video)

John Githongo, an advocate for transparency and good governance, is well-known for his work as the anti-corruption czar in Kenya, where in 2003 he uncovered a $1 billion scheme involving some of the country’s top ministers. His probing incited a backlash that forced him to flee the country for fear of his life, taking up a fellowship at Oxford where he released a report documenting government graft. Since then, Githongo has devoted his efforts to eliminating corruption and injustice in Kenya and across Africa. His lecture will focus on what outsiders—the high-income countries and emerging powers—can do to help foster democracy and poverty reduction in the developing world.

Anti-corruption pioneer Githongo is featured speaker of CGD’s seventh annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture honoring the life and work of Richard “Dick” Sabot, a friend, co-author, and founding member of CGD’s board of directors. CGD president Nancy Birdsall hosts as moderator for a discussion after the lecture.

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