Global News Round Up

Politics & Policies

More than 60% of the newly appointed senior leadership team at the World Health Organization are women.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is demonstrating its commitment to dramatically change the trajectory of cardiovascular disease globally by becoming a member of the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a hub for global multi-stakeholder collaboration.

A new report from Health Canada found more than 2,000 Canadians made the decision to end their lives with the help of a doctor since medically assisted death became legal in the country.

UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibé can happily list the recent successes that the global community has scored against HIV/AIDS. And he can update you on progress of the 90-90-90 targets (by 2020, ensuring 90% of people with HIV will know their status; 90% of people diagnosed will have antiretroviral treatment, and 90% of people being treated will achieve viral suppression).

Preparedness in the face of major disease outbreaks can save thousands of lives: Rapid deployment of effective diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines may even stop the disease from potentially exploding into a pandemic.

The Chatham House Public Health Africa Policy Forum aims to facilitate the development of evidence-based options that are relevant and appropriate to sustainable health developments in Africa – for consideration by governments, health partners and wider public health stakeholders.

Programs, Grants & Awards

Christopher Plowe, the founding director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine and a leading expert on malaria elimination, has been named director of the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI).

Three American scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young, who discovered the circadian rhythm or the “biological clock” have won the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine.


In a study led by the Oxford Vaccine Group, a typhoid vaccine has been proven to be most effective yet.  More than 100 healthy adults participated in the study.

New research published in The Lancet shows that the number of children and adolescents worldwide has risen tenfold in the last 4 decades.

Diseases & Disasters

The number of obese children and adolescents (aged five to 19 years) worldwide has risen tenfold in the past four decades. If current trends continue, more children and adolescents will be obese than moderately or severely underweight by 2022.

At least 15 wildfires raged across Northern California in Tuesday, burning at least 73,000 acres and destroying at least 1,500 buildings in the region’s famed Wine Country.

Twenty people are dead following a deadly plague outbreak in Madagascar. The government has banned public gatherings in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar.

Health officials from around the world are meeting in France to commit to preventing 90% of cholera deaths by 2030.


Recent advances in predictive analytics  – the process by which scientists can use data to map the possibility of future outbreaks – could help break the stranglehold malaria has on Africa.

Typhoid fever, caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi and spread in food and water, kills almost 200,000 victims a year — many of them young children — in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  But, a new experimental vaccine was a big success.  The trial’s results were published in The Lancet on Thursday: the vaccine turned out to be 87 percent effective.

Marc Deshusses, professor of civil and environmental engineering and global health, is helping to bring sanitary bathroom facilities to people at high risk of diarrheal disease because they lack this basic amenity. He and his team have developed the Anaerobic Digestion Pasteurization Latrine (ADPL) with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They’re now piloting this low-cost technology at five sites in Kenya, the Philippines and India.

Environmental Health

A 26-year study reveals natural biological factors kick in once warming reaches certain point, leading to potentially unstoppable increase in temperatures.

A new study of 300,000 children across 35 countries has shown that children whose watershed areas have greater tree cover are less likely to experience diarrhea.

Equity & Disparities

East Asia and the Pacific have the most number of slum dwellers surpassing both sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, according to the World Bank report on urban poverty.

Through its International Global Active City initiative, the International Olympic Committee is promoting health and physical activity in 10 pilot cities.

Researchers in the UK are looking at blood biomarkers to measure the impact of social and economic status.

Maternal, Neonatal & Children’s Health

A new study shows that less than half of displaced pregnant mothers arriving in Greece have access to care.

The deepening nutrition crisis in Mali has left tens of thousands of children vulnerable to life-threatening malnutrition. The number of children suffering from severe acute malnutrition is expected to increase from 142,000 to 165,000 next year.

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