UN Young Leaders for the SDGs: Class of 2017 applications now open!

This is a call for applications for the Class of 2017 of the UN Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals program.

The call for the next class of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals is now open!

The world is currently home to the largest generation of young people in history. With 50% of the world’s population being under the age of 30, young people’s ideas and talents will drive the success of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

That’s why the United Nations is on a mission to unearth 17 of the world’s greatest young changemakers.

These Young Leaders will be recognized for their exceptional efforts and influence in seeing the Goals achieved. They might be a chef, a designer, an inventor or an artist. They might know about the Goals or nothing at all. The important thing is that they are leading an exceptional initiative that helps to meet one or more of the Goals.

Once selected, they will work with the United Nations to help mobilize young people around the world in support of the Goals and advocate for their achievement.

Candidates can apply here.

Launching the Class of 2016 was a huge success – after a year of advocacy, they’ve spoken on hundreds of platforms, connected the Goals to dozens of initiatives and reached millions of people spreading the message of the Goals.

We can’t wait to work with the next generation of innovators, changemakers, and ground-breakers, but to do so, we need your help finding the next class of Young Leaders.

Follow the campaign on social media @UNYouthEnvoy and find out more information about the Young Leaders for the SDGs initiative at www.sdgyoungleaders.org.

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