National Public Health Week is Here!

National Public Health Week (NPHW) is a great opportunity for public health professionals to rally together and raise awareness about work that is being carried out around the nation. NPHW will take place from April 2nd to April 6th this year. It specifically highlights, “Generation Public Health,” a movement focused on creating the healthiest nation in one generation by supporting initiatives and policies that improve social and environmental factors which impact health. No matter what stage you are at in your public health career, you can get involved this week!

The theme of NPHW 2018 is Changing Our Future together. The key focus is to:

Additionally, daily themes will be highlighted in order to focus on one public health topic a day.



Ways To Get Involved


Feel free to also highlight and share social media posts of events that are being held in local neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and public health organizations near you! Make sure to include the following hashtags with your pictures and social media posts: #NPHW, #1BillionSteps, @ih_section, #ih_section!


NPHW 2018: Healthiest Nation Poem/Song

We want to be the healthiest nation
in one generation
for communities to have a solid foundation
where safety is the norm and we can all be free
to live life to the fullest and pursue our dreams
as we breathe clean air while we sleep, work, and play
our youth go to school and graduate
Our jobs lead to wealth, health, and have meaning
but there are services in place “for the time being” 
when we reach those moments that we fall through the cracks
or fall on hard times and it’s hard to come back
our nation truly practices justice for all
communities are well informed to sound the call
for various needs like fresh water and meals
or access to sidewalks for bicycle wheels
healthcare and prevention go hand in hand
so that unhealthy practices have low demand
Yes, the healthiest nation 
is what we aim to be 
in one generation is when we hope to see
public health infrastructure and improved capacity
to truly serve our nation and support communities

Listen here:

Sophia Anyatonwu, MPH, CPH, CIC
Epidemiologist II


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