Re-post from CUGH: Urgent Request to Increase Production of COVID-19 Medical Supplies

Dear Colleague,

We need to strengthen the US’ response to COVID-19, and we are mobilizing the CUGH network to do just that. If you are in the US, please call and write to your local Congresspersons’ offices and ask that they use their powers to call on the White House to:

Fully utilize the Defense Production Act to enable health care facilities and public health workers to access urgently needed PPE, ventilators and other medical supplies.

Use FEMA to coordinate and deliver these supplies with the assistance of the US military based on states’ requests.

Fully mobilize the US military and National Guard to support the human resources needs of medical institutions.

Your US elected officials’ contact information is below.

  • US Representatives’ contact information is here.
  • US Senators’ contact information is here.

Please complete this short-post engagement form.

Thank you so much for helping us to: strengthen the US’ response to the pandemic; and protect workers on the frontline!

Best wishes,

Keith Martin, MD, PC
Executive Director
Consortium of Universities for Global Health

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