Dirty Words: Save the Children’s “Dirty Word of the Week” Video series highlights sanitation and hygiene conditions at schools in developing countries

With the explosive growth of social media, these days it seems that every non-profit and NGO has its own blog, Twitter handle, YouTube account, and Facebook page, with some even venturing into Tumblr, MySpace, and Flickr (if you have never heard of these, don’t worry – I barely even know what Flickr is). One organization has done something pretty nifty (at least, I think so) with their YouTube account, though: Save the Children, which works in the U.S. and 41 other countries providing humanitarian relief, education, and other services to children, features a weekly video series called “Dirty Words.” These videos, narrated by its Director of School Health and Nutrition, Seung Lee, are 2-5 minutes long and highlight the water, sanitation and hygiene conditions at schools in developing countries, with simple solutions to address them. This week’s “dirty word” is worms – the video below shows a school in Nepal which has begun a program to provide de-worming medicines and iron to improve the health of the students.


Thanks to Jennifer Segal, blogger at Endtheneglect.org, for bringing the series to my attention in her post on October 12.

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