Calling for Nominations: The Gordon-Wyon Award for Community-Oriented Public Health, Epidemiology, and Practice

Attention IH Section members!  The Community Based Primary Health Care Working Group (CBPHC-WG) is soliciting nominations for this year’s Gordon-Wyon award.   The award honors outstanding achievement in community-oriented public health epidemiology and practice. This award was established in 2006 by the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association.  John Gordon and John Wyon were pioneers in this field, so encouraging and recognizing others in this field is one important way of honoring their memory.  More information about the award can be found here.

The evaluation criteria for this award include: (1) The candidate must have had a central role in an outstanding achievement in community-oriented public health and practice; (2) The candidate must have demonstrated creativity in expanding the concepts pertinent to the practice of community-oriented public health with an international focus; and (3) The candidate must have membership in APHA or one of its affiliates (either a State affiliate or a national public health association that is a member of the World Federation of Public Health Associations) at the time that the award is presented. The candidate must be nominated by someone other than the candidate (with the candidate’s approval).
Previous winners of the award are  Rajanikant Arole, Carl Taylor, Henry Perry, Bette Gebrian, Jaime Gofin, and Warren and Gretchen Berggren.
Please send your nomination and their CV to Paul Freeman by no later than May 14th,  2011 at  The winner of this award will be decided by the independent votes of a panel of senior members of the CBPHC-WG on the basis of the above criteria.

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