Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH) conference, June 9-12

CCIH invites everyone to attend its 2011 Annual Conference June 9-12. The conference theme will be “Sustaining a Christian Foundation for Health in a Changing World.” The venue is a lovely retreat center overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain just north of Washington, DC. In plenary sessions, breakout discussions and through networking, attendees will discuss international health challenges and the role that faith-based organizations and values play in the global response.

Some of the questions to be explored during the conference include:

  • Is there a way to build long-term needs into short-term projects?
  • How can Christian organizations keep true to their mission and values while competing, often against each other, for donor support? How do we avoid “chasing the money”?
  • How can local community capacity be developed in order to avoid or break free from dependency on donor support?
  • How should the role of faith-based organizations evolve to meet these new realities?
  • How will changing demographics and epidemiological burdens of disease impact Christian health programs in the foreseeable future?
  • How does work in Christian international health relate to larger questions of Christian theology? What is God’s plan and are we being true to it?

Key speakers include:
Galen Carey (Director of Government Affairs, National Association of Evangelicals)
Robin Davis (Executive Director, Global Health Action; Co-Chair of Global Health Council Faith & Global Health Caucus)
Anbrasi Edward (Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health>
Libby Little (Missions Consultant, Interserve)
Meredith Long (Senior International Programs Director, World Concern)
Julia Martin (Deputy Global AIDS Coordinator, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator)
Gil Odendaal (Global Director HIV/AIDS Initiative at the Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA)
Dr. Anne Peterson (Research Professor, International Health Consultant at George Washington University; former Assistant Administrator at USAID Bureau of Global Health)
Adam Taylor (Vice President for Advocacy, World Vision-US)
Rick Santos (President/CEO, IMA World Health)
Glenn Schwartz (Executive Director, World Missions Associates)
Thomas J. Walsh (Director for External Relations and Senior Advisor with the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator)

All are welcome to attend, regardless of religious background.  The conference will be a great opportunity to learn more about partnering with the faith community. For more information and to register, go to, or contact Sharon Franzén at

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