Systems Sciences for Health Systems Strengthening: Invitation to Join New IH Working Group

Greetings, friends and colleagues.

The purpose of this message is to invite you to join a new working group within the international section of the American Public Health Association (APHA): ‘Systems Sciences for Health Systems Strengthening.’ Please forward this invite to any and all interested parties. We hope that you will advertise this group widely on the various listservs and newsletters that you manage.

As most of you know better than we do, the importance of health systems strengthening is increasingly recognized. However, health systems are incredibly complex, and there does not seem to be a consensus on the way forward. The so-called systems sciences provide unique approaches and methods to consider unintended consequences, delayed effects, and high-leverage points to strengthen health systems. You can learn more about the need for this working group, and our objectives and plans on this Google document.

We are very excited about the potential that this group will have in providing opportunities for collaboration, networking and advocacy at the interface of research, policy and practice of strengthening health systems in developed and developing countries. We hope that you will consider joining us; you don’t need to be a member of the APHA. If you are interested in the group, please join this Linkedin Group.

Best Regards,

Chad Swanson, DO, MPH
Brigham Young University
Working Group Chair

Kaja Abbas, PhD
University of Rochester
Working Group Co-Chair

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