Please welcome our Weekly News Editor, Dr. Vani Nanda!

Fellow IH Section members and blog readers, please help me welcome our Weekly News Editor, Dr. Vani Nanda. You may have noticed the slightly different format of the weekly news round-ups since she has taken over. Vani has taken over this function and has been working behind the scenes since early December, and now I am happy to formally introduce her as part of the IH Blog team. You can read more about her below.

I am a dentist from India and am currently pursuing Masters in Public Health (Community Health Track) from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Apart from having three years of clinical experience in dentistry, I also have one and a half years’ teaching experience in India. I have experience in grant writing and have received grant and award for one of the studies I did in MPH program. I am a full time graduate assistant and an international student representative of MPH Advisory Student Board of West Chester University. During my MPH study, I have received many awards, including Women Grant for academic year 2011-2012.

I have presented many national and international papers related to my research in the field of public health (some of my works highlight health disparities across the nations). I have a keen interest in field of Global Public Health and want to work in future in this field to remove public health disparities across nations.

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