IH Management Call Schedule for this Year

As some of you IH members may already know, the section leadership (composed of elected leadership and committee and working group chairs and co-chairs) hold bi-monthly conference calls to discuss section business and any other pertinent issues that relate to the section or our work over the course of the year. The schedule of calls for this year has been determined and will be as follows:

  • Tuesday 27 March at 1:00pm Eastern time
  • Tuesday 22 May at 1:00pm Eastern time
  • Tuesday 24 July at 1:00pm Eastern time
  • Tuesday 25 September at 1:00pm Eastern time
  • Tuesday 23 October at 1:00pm Eastern time
If you would like to raise a question, suggestion, or concern, please contact a member of leadership (you can find a list of members in elected positions and their contact information here, and chairs of committees and working groups here) and ask him or her to raise it during one of the calls. Don’t be shy – we are here to serve you!

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