US Partnership with Africa: Economic Growth and Global Development – Rajiv Shah (CGDev Video)

This is another (fairly long) video from the Center for Global Development featuring a high-profile speaker, USAID Director Rajiv Shah. This hour-long dialogue between Shah and Nancy Birdsall, CGDev president, focused on President Obama’s recent trip to Africa and covers a wide range of topics. Obviously, it can be difficult to get government officials – especially high-level ones – to deviate from the official line and get out of bureaucratic-speak, but Birdsall does try to push him a little bit, I think. They also take audience questions during the second half of the video. The first video, of the entire dialogue, is about an hour long; the following videos are clips of the interview focusing on specific topics.

The Center for Global Development was pleased to host USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah for a discussion of the US partnership with Africa. Shah was just back from accompanying President Obama in Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania, where the president outlined a vision for US-Africa relations that puts a premium on economic opportunity, democracy, and African-led approaches to development.

At the event, Shah discussed the administration’s new commitments and USAID’s role in doubling electric power in Africa, working with young African leaders, boosting food security and global health, and attracting trade and investment to the continent.

Short Clip: Trade and the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

Short Clip: Update on Feed the Future

Short Clip: Energy as Constraint to Economic Growth

Short Clip: USAID and the Future of Development

Short Clip: Prospects for Food Aid Reform

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