APHA Conference Coming Up!

Colleagues, the APHA annual conference a career-strengthening event for you and your students!

Here is a summary of the events so far:

  • There will be 55 panels by the International Health Section, 2 panels by WFPHA, and 1 panel by CUGH.
  • 1120 scientific sessions in total all focusing on the global health theme “Think Global, Act Local.”
  • A strong voice for students through the 5,000-member-strong Student Council and potential openings for students interested in Global Health through networking with our many established health professionals.
  • A one-day workshop on November 2 by our CBPHC and MCH committees in association with the Harvard Maternal Health group focusing on Maternal Health (email Laura Altobelli at laura@future.org and Elvira Berracochea at Elvira@midego.com for details).
  • Dean Julio Frenck of Harvard and Purmina Mane, Pathfinders, are our keynote speakers for our November 6 luncheon. This is an event you need to pay for at the time of your registration.
  • Even the Intersectional Council Meeting is focusing on Global Health with facilitation by our Section Chair. The importance of this is that our Members meeting on Sunday at 2pm and our Social Reception and Awards meeting on Tuesday at 6-9pm will have additional potential for networking for those wanting collaboration and funding contacts across many Sections working in Global Health.
  • Flow-ons from this conference are already been discussed linking APHA and other organizations working in Global Health so you would be missing out on the “ground floor” by not coming and joining the conference and International Health Section.

If you are interested in becoming involved with our current committees please contact those below.

CBPHC; Elvira@midego.com
MCH: laura@future.org
Climate Change: Rose Schneider RoseSDC@aol.com
Policy and Advocacy: Peter Freeman pffreeman@gmail.com
Information and Communication: jmkeralis@gmail.com
Global Health Connections: Gopal Sankaran gsankaran@wcupa.edu
Pharmaceuticals: Maggie Huff-Rouselle mhuffrousselle@ssds.net

If you would like to be visible at the event as part of the Section by putting in a few hours voluntary work please contact me at pafmaties@yahoo.com.

If you are interested in forming a focal committee on any areas within the International Health Section, please contact me this month so that we can explore member interest before the conference and potentially establish such committees at the conference.


Paul Freeman
Chair International Health Section

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