Announcing APHA International Health Section Election Results

The following announcement is from Amy Hagopian, the IH Section’s Nominations Committee Chair.

Dear International Health Section members of APHA,

As your nominating committee chair, it is my pleasure to announce APHA has finally, at last, announced the winners of the APHA’s International Health Section election!

I am very very grateful to everyone who agreed to run for these offices. It’s not a democracy unless there is more than one candidate for a position.

As I told the candidates, everyone who ran this time but did not succeed will be an excellent candidate for a position in the next election. Please welcome all our candidates at the next business meetings in New Orleans, as we all work together to strengthen the section.

Paul Freeman will chair the proceedings at our upcoming meeting in November in New Orleans. He will be succeeded by Omar Khan at the end of the meeting. At that time, Laura becomes the chair-elect and Paul becomes the past chair.

For the coming meeting, the following individuals are our section councilors: Jessica Keralis and Michelle Odlum (whose terms end November 2016), Jaya Prakash and Lenee Simon (whose terms end November 2015), and Sosena Kebede and David Fitch (whose terms end November 2014). David Fitch and Sosena Kebede will be replaced by Mark Strand and Christopher Ibanga at the end of the 2014 meeting.

For the coming meeting, the following individuals are our section governing councilors: Laura Altobelli, Gopal Sankaran, Carol Dabbs, Malcolm Bryant, Peter Freeman (all of whose terms end at the end of the meeting this year) and Ramin Asgary (whose term ends November 2015). Laura and Peter will be replaced by Oscar Cordon and Caroline Kingori. Only 3 consecutive terms are allowed, so my records show this is Gopal’s last term until he has a 2-year retirement.

All members are encouraged to get involved in these committees and working groups. Contact the chairs today to find out about meetings scheduled in New Orleans.

Working groups:
Community-based primary care (Elvira Beracochea & Laura Parajon,
Pharmaceuticals (Maggie Huff-Rousselle,
Trade and Health (Mary Anne Mercer,
Global Health Connections (Jaya Prakash,, and Theresa Majeski,
Maternal and Child Health (Laura Altobelli,
Systems science for Health systems strengthening (Robert Swanson,; Kaja Abbas,
Climate Change (Hala Azzam,, and Christine Benner,, and Rose Schneider,
US Border Initiative/PAHO (Josefa Ippolit-Shepherd,

Organizational committees:
Program committee (Mini Murthy,
Communications committee (Jessica Keralis,
Membership and students (Rose Schneider,
Policy and Advocacy (Peter Freeman,
Awards (Gopal Sankaran,
Nominating committee (Amy Hagopian,

There are also members of the section who assume organization-wide responsibilities. These include Len Rubenstein (Action Board), Mary Anne Mercer (Trade & Health), Elvira Beracochea and Len Rubenstein (International Human Rights committee), Amy Hagopian (Publications board), and Omar Khan (Science board).

Thanks again to all our candidates for running.

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