Professional Certificate Program: Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (May 15-20)

Georgia Tech’s Center for Health and Humanitarian Services (CHHS) is offering an upcoming Professional Certificate Program in Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management, to be held May 15-20th, 2017 at GA Tech’s Global Learning Center. 

2017 courses include:

  • Pre-planning Strategy for Health and Humanitarian Organizations MAY 15-16
  • Tactical Decision Making in Public Health and Humanitarian Response MAY 17-18
  • Systems Operations in Health and Humanitarian Response MAY 19-20

Program overview:

The certificate program is designed for practitioners in private industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, military, and others who are active participants or interested in health and humanitarian operations, including both disaster response and long-term development. The goal of the program is to enhance the knowledge and experience of participants on logistics and supply-chain topics related to a broad range of activities including preparation, response, and recovery from natural and man-made disasters as well as ongoing humanitarian crises due to war, famine, infectious diseases, and chronic health problems. Click here for a summary of the May 2016 certificate program with reviews from past participants or watch the course webinar for further details about the topics covered.

Courses include many interactive components, such as case studies, simulations and games, which help professionals to link the challenges and decision-making tradeoffs they face in everyday practice with the systematic approaches, tools, and techniques presented in the course. Upon completion of the requirements for the three courses, participants will receive an official certificate from Georgia Tech in Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management.

Attendees who complete the course series will be able to:

  • Provide immediate impact to their organization through knowledge gained from applied and real-world case studies Interact with others from NGOs, businesses, and/or government entities, enhancing collaboration, cooperation, and communication
  • Build a critical knowledge base to apply analytical models to aid in supply chain management decisions such as forecasting, inventory management, and distribution
  • Develop strategies for the management and allocation of scarce resources accounting for specific product characteristics and supply chain network structure
  • Deliver best-practices for improving system outcomes of humanitarian relief efforts through coordination and collaboration among strategic partners
  • Ultimately transform the humanitarian sector with increased capacity to participate in planning and strategic decision-making for effective supply chain management

Scholarships and Sponsors:

The HHS Center is fortunate to provide a limited number of scholarships for applicants from NGOs and developing countries only, which were made possible through the generosity of The UPS Foundation, Andrea L. Laliberte, and Richard E. and Charlene O. Zalesky. To apply for a scholarship for the 2017 program,  apply online here (CHHS is accepting scholarship applications beyond the 2/17 deadline, although priority will be assigned in the order they were received). If you would like to apply after the deadline, availability is not guaranteed, but you may email to inquire.

To register:

Click Pre-Planning Strategy course and then add each of the other two courses in the certificate program (found on webpage at left side)to your virtual cart before payment. Please email with any questions about registration. The full program is $6,000 ($2,000 per course) whereas each individual course fee is $2400 if taken separately outside of the 6-day certificate program. The program is offered once a year in May.  To sign up for all three courses and receive the discounted $6,000 rate for the full certificate program, please use this code at check-out: SCL-HHS.

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