Global Health Photography Feature Opportunity

We are inviting International Health section members to submit their global health photos to share their global health experiences with other section members. Accepted submissions will be featured on the APHA IH blog or the Section Connection newsletter and may be used in APHA IH materials. This opportunity is ongoing and submissions are accepted at anytime, subject to the approval of the APHA IH Communications Committee.

Who can participate?

American Public Health Association International Health section members are encouraged to participate. All photographs submitted must be taken by the person submitting them.

What photos are you looking for?

We encourage members to send different types of global health photos whether that highlights their global health work or brings awareness to an important global health issue. As such, subject matter can vary between landscapes, photos of healthcare facilities, people, global health events, etc.

How do I submit my photo for consideration?

Each section member can submit up to two high-resolution photographs in a JPG file format. Please use the following naming convention for each photograph file: lastname_firstname_number (e.g. Smith_Jane_1).

In your submission, please include the following information in a MS Word Document:

  • Your Name:
  • For each photograph:
    • Title:
    • Brief description of photo as it relates to your global health work or bringing awareness on an important global health issue (250 word maximum):
    • Location of Photograph:
    • For photos with faces, confirmation that you received, at the minimum, verbal consent: Yes/No

Submissions should be sent to

Ethical Considerations

If you are submitting photographs of people, please make sure you have taken into consideration the following:

  • Did you obtain verbal consent from the person or people you photographed?
  • If the photos are of children, did you obtain verbal consent from their parents or guardians?
  • For photos of people from vulnerable populations (e.g. persons living with HIV, refugees, etc), ensure the utmost respect for their privacy and that you have followed any applicable rules or customs (e.g. hospital or clinic photography rules).

For more information on ethical considerations in global health photography, please visit the Unite for Sight website.

Conditions of Submission

Submissions are reviewed by the APHA IH Communications Committee and will be accepted on a rolling basis. If accepted, a participant’s photo and story may be shared via the APHA IH Section Connection newsletter or the APHA IH blog. Additionally, participants agree to the unlimited, royalty-free license to use their photos for APHA IH section materials including but not limited to IH section informational flyers and brochures, social media, the APHA IH Connect website, and the APHA IH Section Connection newsletter. This agreement will remain in place until canceled in writing by the submitter or the IH Communications Committee.

For more information, please contact Jean Armas at

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