Highlights from National Public Health Week (NPHW)

NPHW Twitter Chat

Thank all of you that participated in a plethora of events during NPHW (April 3rd-April 7th)! One of the events we participated in was the NPHW Twitter Chat (#NPHWchat) sponsored by APHA. During the chat, attendees were presented questions such as those below to foster a discussion on the significant role public health plays in safeguarding and advocating for health!

Global Health Day Photovoice Activity at NDSU

Mark Strand, Section Councilor in the International Health Section of the APHA, teaches Global Health to MPH students.  This semester the 16 students in his class are from Jordan and Syria; Kenya, Somalia and Ghana; Brazil; Nepal and China; and the United States.  As part of National Public Health week the students contributed photos from their home country, and organized a Photovoice activity for visitors to the event.  Attendees were invited to use Post-It notes to write their reactions or thoughts after seeing the photos.  The room buzzed with conversation about how to bring stable government to Somalia, and how to support Syrian refugees around the world.  Many other countries were also represented, and stories of success and hope were shared.  The attendees were enlightened and inspired by what they learned, and students were proud to be able to introduce their own country’s successes and struggles.

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