Join us for the 20th Annual Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) Working Group Pre-Conference of the APHA International Health Section

Community Health Workers As Transformative Agents For Health Equity: Global Models, Tools and Lessons Learned from Across Borders

Join us for a lively discussion and workshop about health equity and the role of community health workers (CHWs)! A growing body of evidence demonstrates the impact of CHWs on improving and saving lives of mothers and children, reducing health inequities, and transforming health systems around the world. In this workshop we seek to gain a greater understanding of what types of conditions and health care systems allow CHWs to be transformative agents both locally in the US and globally. Additionally, we hope to build on this knowledge and explore how to create environments or support existing systems that allow CHW’s to optimize their ability to transform health care, both in the US and internationally. This workshop will bring together CHWs, community leaders, health professionals, students, program managers, social scientists, and national and international experts of community health work and community-based primary health care.

REGISTER: You can register for the Pre-Conference Workshop independent of APHA full conference registration. The link to register for the CBPHC Pre-Conference workshop here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Dr. Laura Chanchien Parajon, Chair of CBPHC Working Group or Dr. Henry Perry, Co-Chair of the CBPHC Working Group at

Be part of the CBPHC working group community! CBPHC is an empowering approach to improving healthcare that engages communities as full partners and extends preventive and curative health services beyond health facilities to communities and households. We are a group of dedicated and passionate health professionals, students and people all contributing to the dream of “health for all” as described in the inspirational 1978 Alma Ata Primary Health Care document. We seek to collaborate, connect, dialogue and reflect with others working in community based primary health care about best practices for achieving health equity.

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