Special call for abstracts on the COVID-19 pandemic for the 2020 APHA Annual Meeting

The International Health Section has put out a special call for abstracts on the COVID-19 pandemic for 2020 APHA Annual Meeting:


We will accept submissions on both research- and program-based work; however, all submissions in response to this call must be directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Abstracts must include the purpose of the work, a description of information and methods used, results, and discussion. As part of the International Health Section program, all submissions should relate to the pandemic, the response, and its effects on health in countries outside the US.

We particularly encourage submissions with the following themes:

–COVID-19 effects on the strength and resiliency of health systems
–COVID-19 among displaced populations** or in conflict settings
–COVID-19 effects on NCDs (mental health, chronic conditions/comorbidities, etc.)
–COVID-19 and human rights (could collaborate with the HR forum on this one)
–COVID-19 and social determinants/marginalized populations
–COVID-19 as a threat to and an opportunity for the integration of medical and public health systems
–COVID-19, globalism, and the goals of global health

The submission deadline for COVID-19 abstracts is 11:59pm (PST) on Friday, May 15. Please submit your abstract under the “COVID-19: Special Call for Abstracts” topic here:

Any abstracts on topics other than COVID-19 will not be accepted.

Please distribute among your networks!

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