Take action now: Defend the World Health Organization

Sent on behalf of APHA’s IH Section Leadership


Yesterday, the Trump administration notified Congress that it is formally withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus pandemic.

750 scholars and experts in global public health, U.S. constitutional law, and international law and relations wrote to Congress in opposition to U.S. withdrawal from WHO.


Make your voice heard and oppose this decision.

Will you please:

– Use this letter and add your own commentary on letters to the editor, OpEds, social media, blogs, calling radio and TV talk shows etc. If you have an organizational social media presence we would love to see it pushed out far and wide–and if you have connections to others with wide reach please engage them.

– Please also contact your congressional representatives’ offices voicing your opposition to this action and call for a reinstatement of US funds and that the US remain within the WHO. You can share this letter directly with them. To find your local elected officials, click here: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

Many thanks,

APHA’s IH Section Leaders

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