Share your global health advocacy priorities with us!

Dear IH Section Members,

Advocacy is at the top of our minds as we look for ways to respond to COVID-19 and the catastrophic impacts of the virus.  Many of our members have been directly or indirectly advocating for prevention and reduction of suffering. In particular, IH Section members are working together to advocate for continued US funding of the World Health Organization, an increase in global health resources, and the allocation of those resources to where they are most needed around the globe.

It couldn’t be a better time to amplify the advocacy efforts of our section membership and to shine a light on their current endeavors.

To that end,  the Policy and Advocacy Committee is relaunching a survey tool to help partners both inside and outside of APHA by:

  1. Organizing section members, representing all facets of global health, to apply their subject matter expertise in fighting COVID-19,  by overseeing and supporting the drafting of advocacy materials
  2. Facilitating communication between IH section members and key congressional and global leaders by providing assistance with drafting letters and obtaining the support of APHA leadership
  3. Galvanizing the support of IH section membership to join the effort

Fill out our IH Advocacy Survey Tool to state your advocacy priorities, link to what has been done before, and indicate what needs to be developed further. Once we receive your survey the Policy and Advocacy Committee will respond. 

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