Webinar: “How Does a Society Reclaim Human Flourishing When Faced with a Pandemic?”, 10/20

October 20th | 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. CST

The NDSU Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth and the NDSU Department of Public Health are proud to announce the upcoming webinar, “How Does a Society Reclaim Human Flourishing When Faced with a Pandemic?” 

This virtual panel discussion will explore a number of health and economic questions related to the pandemic. The panel of experts will address issues such as (1) the economic, health, and social costs of the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses, (2) the difficult balance in addressing economic, health, and social concerns, and (3) the types of policies that are likely to accelerate the return to a society that is physically and mentally healthy, where economic opportunities are growing, and where there is a greater sense of community.

Please go to this web page to register:  


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