Attend CBPHC’s Workshop On 10/23: Diverse Partnerships Transform Community Health

The Community-based Primary Health Care Working Group presents a workshop every year just ahead of the American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting.  It will be virtual this year and includes people in the field in the US and internationally working in and with communities.  It is very student friendly.  You do not have to be a member of the APHA or attending the meeting.  We hope your will take this opportunity learn and share about diverse partnerships in community health.

Diverse Partnerships Transform Community Health

Partnership Planning for Scalable Solutions

Saturday, October 23, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET/9:00 am – 1:00 pm MT


Solutions for complex community health challenges are most powerful and relevant when they are designed with input from many complementary partners. Join us for this year’s Community-Based Primary Health Care pre-conference workshop as we explore promising practices for strategically involving many diverse voices in the community-based transformation process. We will learn from powerful global partnerships that transformed community health with the input of many voices, stakeholders and partners with an emphasis on the active involvement of the most important partners- community members. 


  1. Describe three common stages of community-based primary health care initiatives: 1) partnership design, 2) pilot testing, and 3) products (transformative impact). 
  2. Explain how involving the expertise of diverse partners uniquely strengthens community-based health initiatives  
  3. Illustrate promising approaches to forming, engaging and leveraging diverse partner input to support CBPHC initiatives   
  4. Develop concrete partnership-building skills specific to your CBPHC career stage


4 hours

Online, Pre-Recorded keynotes with post-session interaction

Skills-based working groups targeted to CBPHC skill-level and/or career stage


(Eastern Time, MST in parenthesis)

11:00 am ET (9:00 MST)  

Welcome – Reflection     

11:20 am (9:20 MST) 

Partnership, Products and Impact (Keynote)

Sustained Impact of Liberia’s Community Health Assistant Model

Last Mile Health (Lisha McCormick)

12:10 pm (10:10 MST)              

Skill Session: Sustained Community Impact (Keynote)  

CHA skills for: Base camp, Climbing, Summiting

12:40 (10:40 MST) 


12:50 pm (10.50 MST)                

Critical Reflections Health Partnerships:  engaging those most affected

Tom Wolff

1:35 pm (11:35 MST)  


1:45 pm (11:45 MST)                

Skill Session: Partnering with those most affected

Partnership skills: Base camp, Climbing, Summiting

2:30 pm (12:30 MST)                  

Piloting Testing Partner Ideas:  Guatemala

Guatemalan Birthing Centers:  From Villages to Government 

Mario Valdez (Spanish translation)

Safe + Natal: Anthropology and MHealth

Rachel Hall-Clifford (Anthropology)

2:50 pm (12:50 MST)                 

Feedback & Follow-Up  and Closing Remarks     


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