IH Section Members: Sign up for the International Welcome Booth at the Annual Meeting!

APHA has once again agreed to allow us to host a Welcome Booth for our overseas colleagues. This will be the fifth year we will be hosting the Welcome Booth. The hour or two or more that you spend at the Welcome Booth will be spent on greeting our overseas colleagues, learning about them, providing them with a special ribbon, directing them to appropriate conference rooms, and answering their questions. It is a great place to meet, greet, and help our colleagues from overseas. For some attendees, this may be their first visit to the United States, while for some others this may be their first APHA Annual Meeting! You know that navigating one’s way to various sessions/meetings dispersed among several venues is not an easy task. This is where you could help by volunteering an hour or two each day at the Welcome Booth.

You will get to meet old friends and make some new ones! This is an excellent networking opportunity for everyone.

Please visit the Doodle poll and do the following:

1. Provide your full name (first and last name).
2. Select the days and times when you are available to volunteer.
3. Save your selection before closing the browser.

Note: If you are a student or a new professional, please e-mail Jessica Keralis at jmkeralis [at] gmail [dot] com after signing up for your desired time slot(s). We would be happy to pair you with a longtime member for mentoring, advice, or just someone to help you learn more about our section.

Please make your selection as soon as possible. Thank you!