Last Week’s Global Health News

As we return from the holidays with the rest of the professional blogging world, these news round-ups should continue on a weekly basis.

Last week, various organizations reflected on the situation in Haiti as the one-year anniversary of the earthquake came and went. UN Dispatch and Tales from the Hood both did multi-part series.

Doctors in developing countries are losing access to medical journals as the Health InterNetwork for Access to Research Initiative (HINARI), an agreement engineered by the WHO in 2001, falters.

A study from Johns Hopkins, published in the Lancet, demonstrated that having a circumcised partner reduced a woman’s risk of contracting HPV.

The executive board of the WHO opened their 128th session yesterday. It will last until next Tuesday, January 25.

The WHO has highlighted a global shortage of healthcare workers. Every country is short, but the problem is particularly acute in Africa and Asia – where there are only 2.3 doctors and nurses per 1,000 people.

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