Global Health News Last Week

After the Lancet retracted the controversial Wakefield study last February, which suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, BMJ has declared the study to be fraudulent after further investigation revealed that the author stood to make millions of dollars through lawsuits and diagnostic kits related to autism.

Kofi Annan urges the WHO executive board to set a date for measles eradication during their meeting, which will last until January 25.

Engineers Without Borders, Canada, is trying to change the way aid organizations represent their projects (and their failures) by launching, a website where organizations can post their favorite failure. They hope to encourage groups to admit to, and learn from, their failures.

The Center for Global Development has posted an MDG progress index, which allows the user to see how different nations are progressing toward the MDG targets.

A research paper debunked claims made by UN environmental organizations that insecticide-free methods used in a malaria control project were effective at reducing transmission, thus making the case to stop the use of DDT.

End the Neglect posted a reading list on Thursday.

Developing nations continue to pressure the US and Russia to destroy their stocks of smallpox, though the WHO supports retention for research purposes.

Unlike many other countries, which are making progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Russia’s HIV epidemic is getting worse due to pervasive drug addiction. Meanwhile, religious leaders in Chechnya have declared the couples must obtain proof that they are HIV-negative in order to receive permission to marry.

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