Community Health Workers: What needs to be done to help these vital workers to be most effective and sustainable? (CBPHC Workshop)

Updated September 10: Below, please find the announcement for the Community-Based Primary Health Care Working Group’s annual workshop. The CBPHC-WG holds this workshop each year on Saturday before APHA’s annual meeting in October/November.

Community Health Workers: What needs to be done to help these vital workers to be most effective and sustainable?

Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) Working Group
13th Annual Pre-APHA Annual Conference Workshop
Washington DC Convention Center Room WCC 204A
Saturday, October 29, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Currently there is an emphasis on mobilizing community health workers as part of strengthening health services in developing countries in an attempt to help them better meet their health Millennium Development Goals. However, the mobilization of CHWs is not a new approach in itself. Anyone who has worked in developing countries for several years can relate stories about projects that included CHWs that did not motivate CHWs to practice well enough for long enough to produce sustained outcomes. What can we do now so that we can maximize the possibility of success of current projects in this regard?

This workshop is being facilitated through the collaboration of John Snow Incorporated and the CBPHC Working group. Through presentations from current experts from MCHIP and other experienced health practitioners, we will deal with the focal question of this workshop and grapple with current solutions. Workshop presentations will cover key interventions underway through the USAID Health Care Improvement Project, recommendations coming from the Earth Institute One Million Community Health Workers Technical Advisory Committee, recent findings concerning worker motivation and experience from a good cross section of JSI and NGO field practitioners.

Key presenters include Steve Hodgins, Serge Raharison, Ram Shestra and Leban Tsuma from MCHIP; Mary Carnell from JSI; Mary Anne Mercer from University of Washington; and Dory Storms and Henry Perry from Johns Hopkins University. The CORE group and NGOs are well represented through presentations by experienced experts such as Karen LeBan, Judy Lewis, Tom
Davis, Damaris Batista, Laura Altobelli and Connie Gates. Discussion and dialogue both in small and large group sessions specifically designed to stimulate input from participants will be a key part of our program. So please join us for a day of interesting, informative and enlivening discussion. REGISTER EARLY to not miss out.

To register contact: Sandy Hoar, Assistant Clinical Professor of Healthcare Sciences and Global Health, George Washington University ( Please put “CBPHC” in your e-mail heading. The only fee is $25 ($20 for students), payable at the door. To facilitate planning, please
register ASAP (the deadline is October 22nd)
and indicate if you will
be joining us for dinner afterwards at your own expense. For further
information contact: Sandy Hoar or Paul Freeman (, Chairman of the IH Section’s CBPHC-WG.

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