CSIS Event: The Launch of the Global Health Security Agenda

What: The Launch of the Global Health Security Agenda
When: February 13, 2014 from 3:00pm-4:30pm (EST)
Where: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1616 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 20036
RSVP: http://www.SmartGlobalHealth.org/GHSAgenda

Please join us as Dr. Thomas C. Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Ms. Laura Holgate, Senior Director, WMD Terrorism and Threat Reduction, National Security Council, discuss the administration’s launch of the new Global Health Security Agenda at 3:00pm on Thursday, February 13, at CSIS in the 2nd floor conference room. (Click here to learn more.) It is a timely opportunity to hear directly from them about the GHS Agenda’s genesis, key elements and future implementation.

It is also the occasion for the NGO sector to engage with Dr. Frieden and Senior Director Holgate and add their voice. Independent scientific, security and health experts will offer their perspectives on the GHS Agenda, including how they might in the future best contribute substantively to it. On the dais, kicking off that conversation will be Deborah Rosenblum, NTI, Kavita Berger, AAAS, Tom Inglesby, UPMC, and Nigel Lightfoot, CORDS. We are delighted that their respective organizations are, along with CSIS, co-sponsors of this event.

This event will be webcast live at: http://www.SmartGlobalHealth.org/Live.

CSIS Video: President Joyce Banda’s Story

In this six-minute interview Joyce Banda, the current president of Malawi, talks about how her life and personal experiences have shaped her mission and policy priorities that she has carried throughout her career. She focuses on three main areas: educating girls, combating domestic abuse against women, and improving post-natal care to keep women alive.

Watch Malawi’s first female President, Joyce Banda, talk about the importance of education for girls and the empowerment of women.

New CSIS Book Out: Global Health Policy in the Obama Second Term (videos)

The following is a series of videos (one on each chapter) on a new book recently released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Basically, the book looks at the global health accomplishments and challenges in Obama’s first term and makes recommendations for his second term. Based on the interview with Dr. Morrison, who wrote the introduction, it sounds like the book has a pro-administration tone, but it is sure to be an interesting read nonetheless. Following are the videos for each chapter (except for chapter 4, which for some reason is “private”).


In the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Obama Second Term, Dr. J. Stephen Morrison discusses major themes from his introductory chapter of Global Health Policy in the Second Obama Term.

Chapter 1: Global Health Diplomacy

Dr. J. Stephen Morrison discusses the evolution of U.S. global health diplomacy over the course of the first Obama term, as well as his recommendations for Secretary of State Kerry.

Chapter 2: HIV/AIDS

In the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Obama Second Term, Dr. Sharon Stash discusses the evolution of U.S. bilateral and multilateral efforts to reduce the worldwide spread of HIV/AIDS, as well as her recommendations for how to proceed toward an “AIDS-free generation” during the second Obama term.

Chapter 3: Malaria

In the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Obama Second Term, Dr. David Bowen discusses the progress, challenges, and his recommendations for continuing to successfully control malaria.

Chapter 5: Women’s Global Health

In the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Obama Second Term, Janet Fleischman discusses the achievements of the first Obama term in regards to advancing women’s global health, and the challenges and opportunities the administration may confront during its the second term.

Chapter 6: Multilateral Partners

In Chapter 6 of the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Second Obama Term, Todd Summers discusses the importance of the multilateral partners for realizing U.S. global health objectives.

Chapter 7: Global Health Security

In Chapter 7 of the new volume, Global Health Policy in the Second Obama Term, Julie Fischer discusses the emergence of the field of global health security and provides recommendations for how the second Obama administration can better align the objectives of the global health and security communities.

CSIS Video: Cervical Cancer and HIV in Women

Cervical cancer kills an estimated 275,000 women every year, 85 percent of whom are in developing countries. The link between HIV and cervical cancer is direct and deadly; HIV-infected women who are also infected with specific types of human papilloma virus (HPV) are 4-5 times more susceptible to cervical cancer than HIV-negative women. This has important implications for HIV programs, especially in countries with significant HIV epidemics.

To understand the opportunities and challenges of integrating cervical cancer screening and treatment into HIV services for women, the Center for Strategic and International Studies traveled to Zambia, which has been at the forefront of integrating these services.

CSIS Video: President Joyce Banda on Women’s Health & Empowerment in Malawi

When Joyce Banda unexpectedly ascended to the presidency of Malawi last April, after the death of President Mutharika, many in her country and around the world wondered what her impact would be as Malawi’s first woman president. Among the many challenges, her government faces high rates of maternal mortality, high total fertility rates, and high HIV prevalence among women and girls, combined with low levels of women’s economic empowerment and widespread violence against women.

CSIS wanted to learn more about how women leaders in Africa are bringing new attention to women’s health and empowerment in their own countries, and to bring those voices into the discussion about U.S. policy priorities for women’s global health. To do this, we sent a small team to Malawi and Zambia in December 2012.

In this video, Malawi’s President Joyce Banda talks to CSIS about the importance of women’s health and empowerment in Malawi.

To learn more visit: http://www.SmartGlobalHealth.org/JoyceBanda